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Forex Crescendo Free Trial
If you haven`t already downloaded your 100% risk FREE Forex Crescendo Copy, make sure to do it right NOW: These numbers are real… ==> Visit Forex Crescendo Official Website The Forex Crescendo has made 10,040 PIPS in the last 8 months. It did this without ever having a losing week or month. What`s more outstanding, is that the whole thing is automated. Once you set up the Forex Crescendo, there`s nothing for you to do.
Forex Crescendo is the most successful EA to ever be tested live and actually do what is says on the box. It has made money every single month that it has been active…..do you know any other EA that can do that? This method is so guaranteed to work that the man behind it has insisted that you take a risk-free trial of it, so you are not risking a single cent. Click the link for your FREE trial and prepare to be amazed… ==> Visit Forex Crescendo Official Website The Forex Crescendo EA has been developed by Mark McRae and Andrea Salvatore, who programmed the system.
Mark McRae has a fantastic reputation in an industry not known for it`s integrity, so this product is very exciting. This EA trades two currency pairs - the Great British Pound vs. the United States Dollar (GBPUSD) and the Great British Pound vs. the Japanese Yen (GBPJPY). These two pairs have excellent levels of volatility and a brilliant daily range, meaning that trading opportunities are extensive, plentiful and profitable!
Let`s look at the numbers. What I`ve seen is a trading statement summary from trading since February 2010 until now (September 2010), and it shows a winning rate of 77%. The average profitable trade, however, is lower than the average loss trade by about 25%. The author says in his report that a good EA should have the average loss no more than 5 times larger than the average win, so in that context it should be perfect.
Forex Crescendo Results Accumulated over 9581 pips since February 2010 A total of 345 trades have been made The winning percentage is around 77.3% 77.3% meaning 267 wins, 78 losses The average profit is around $61 and average loss is around $81. The percentage growth is estimated to be around 126.86% Andrea Salvatore is the developer of Forex Crescendo and just listening to the video interview that you find in the official site Forex Crescendo, you realize that he knows what he is talking about and proves to me that he is an honest guy.
Mark McRae has been testing Forex Crescendo on his live account for the last eight months, and it has made over 9,500 pips in that time. This is really an incredible performance by anyone`s statements and McRae backs up his claims by sharing his results online: ==> Visit Forex Crescendo Official Website
If you have any inquiries regarding where and how to use free download windows xp service pack 2 torrent, you can get hold of us at our web page.
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