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Guide To Buying Your First Snorkel Mask
Help guide to Buying The first Snorkel Mask
Since you are going snorkeling the very first time or your helping someone else prepare to visit snorkeling the very first time, you are definitely looking for a snorkel mask. Not just any mask, either. You`ll need a dependable snorkel mask that fits well, feels safe, and won`t let you down (i.e. lets water come rushing in at the most inopportune time... which is anytime.)
There are a many snorkel masks that are available to the snorkeling community; large, small, young, old, rich, frugal, poor, irresponsible... You receive the image. Anyone can find the correct snorkel mask once they understand how to identify a quality mask that matches well.
Price Shouldn`t Matter
To an extent, that`s. If you`re looking for snorkel mask that you`re going to use for some time, feels great, and fits well you should not let the few a few bucks determine which mask you purchase. Of course, with the kids it`s a different story. The rate where kids grow could make it so the fins and mask that you buy them today won`t easily fit in per month or two.
Probably the most Critical Parts of a Snorkel Mask
This is absolutely the key to your mask. No question about it. Try on several variations, made by different snorkel gear manufacturers, and find out which style fits the very best. Put the mask to the face without the strap holding it in position and inhale slightly. Let go of the mask and it should remain in place. Keep in mind that using a snorkel in your mouth will alter the shape of your face so it`s better to keep that in mind when fitting.
Silicone may be the approach to take for your mask skirt. It`s soft, comfortable and durable and it is available in a variety of grades and colours for variety and comfort. Crystal silicone is extremely clear and lets plenty of light in for a great view here the surface of the ocean. Photographers, however, prefer black silicone so that it keeps glare out while they`re shooting images and video.
Dual lens, single lens, Three or four lens? Tempered glass or not? Remember, SCUBA masks with tempered glass are okay to go snorkeling with but snorkeling masks without tempered glass are not okay to make use of while SCUBA diving. Purge valves at the end from the nose gap in snorkel masks permit easy clearing associated with a water that does get in Electronics to it, but purge valves sometimes leak when the rubber cover goes bad or tears.
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