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客户点评-4 Tips When Choosing Finance Shipping Service-濮阳市人和医疗器械有限公司
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4 Tips When Choosing Finance Shipping Service
There are many car shipping companies nowadays providing a number of car shipping services. Undoubtedly, the cheapest and most economical method of shipping an automobile is to apply open multi car carriers.
These carriers are huge trucks that may carry up to 10 cars previously. You might have seen a few of these on the roads before. They often have 2 levels and may carry 4 to 5 cars on each level. Because they are so long and high, they are limited to travel along major highways and roads without any obstruction of low hanging trees and bridges.
While shopping around for cheap car shipping services, there`s a couple of pointers you have to keep in mind
1) Federal Car Shipping License
All car shipping companies need to be registered with a federal license prior to being permitted to ship cars. Make sure you ask the car shipping company for proof that they carry the government license.
2) Expense
Some car shipping companies seem to offer inexpensive transport services however, there are many hidden cost they don`t state upfront.
Make sure you seek advice from the company the total cost of shipping in advance prior to signing the agreement letter. Examples of hidden cost are often fuel surcharges, auto shipping insurance and extra charges for shipping to your house.
3) Door to Door Or Terminal To Terminal
Not every car shipping services will ship the vehicle to your residence. Some car shipping companies only ship to major towns and cities and can deposit your vehicle in a terminal. After that, you`ll collect your vehicle. There`s also some firms that charges additional fees for shipping to your residence.
In any case, be sure you ask the vehicle shipping company whether or not they provide door to door delivery for terminal to terminal delivery. In most cases, terminal to terminal cost less.
4) Shipping Insurance
Be sure you have adequate insurance policy when shipping your car. Some car shipping companies already element in the insurance in the total shipping cost while some require additional cost.
It`s also important to know what you`re being covered. Most car shipping insurance policy against damage and loss of vehicles up to and including certain amount. Be sure you know all the details before signing the agreement.
With so many finance shipping services currently available, you should take your time and search for a few car shipping quotes before deciding on one.
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